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Customized food packaging equipment, choose Assistu

The food industry also needs a lot of equipment and machinery, so in the final part of the packaging, it also needs advanced mechanical equipment to ensure efficiency and effectiveness...

Food packaging industry

Customized logistics automation equipment,choose Assistu

Logistics has increasingly become an important mode of transportation, so in the logistics industry, non-standard automation equipment has been widely used.. It can guarantee the demand of...

Long-term partner
How to choose an automation
equipment manufacturer
Is the quality really good?
How is the size of the company?
Can you meet your customization needs?
Is the price reasonable?
Good after-sales service?
Assistu 4 big advantages

Easy to get the above problems


Brand strength

Experience team to provide quality equipment for many customers

  • Is a professional research and development, manufacturing plastic, hardware and other non-standard automation equipment
  • Composed of a high-quality leadership team and a team of professional and highly skilled engineers and technicians

Product hard protection

Manufacturing high precision industrial products

  • The company's workshop is mainly equipped with precision grinding machines, computer boring and other processing equipment.
  • The factory workshop manufactures high-precision industrial products by means of automatic dispensing of product parts, automatic dispensing and automatic locking screws.

High efficiency and low cost

Manufacturer tailored solutions

  • We have developed a set of practical solutions by developing customized automated production equipment, saving manpower and increasing production efficiency.
  • The standard machine formed by non-standard development saves development costs, low price and stable quality.

Professional service team

Intimate after-sales terms come from confidence in quality!

  • Regular on-site maintenance, free warranty, and the greatest satisfaction with customers with thoughtful after-sales service.
  • The service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, telephone technical support and equipment troubleshooting guidance.
Entering Assistu
  • Dongguan Assistu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan Assistu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan Assistu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional factory specializing in R&D and manufacturing of non-standard automation equipment such as plastic, hardware, automotive connectors, mobile phones and mobile curved glass hot bending machines, and providing CCD visual inspection and mobile phone functional film testing
    The company's production base is located on the 5th floor of Building C, Tailian Science and Technology Park, Shuanglong Road, xiaobian Community, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City. It consists of a high-quality leadership team and a team.......

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  • Equipment
  • Company Culture

    Integrity, innovation, pragmatism, service

    The company strictly abides by the tenet of "integrity, innovation, pragmatism, service," and pursues the principle of "people-oriented, technology first, quality first, customer first"; market-oriented, product quality as corporate life, scientific innovation, and efforts to expand product applications The field improves product testing accuracy and enhances product science and reliability.

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Custom process
  • Product consultation
  • Service quote
  • Sample customer
  • Confirm return
  • Order fulfillment
  • Arrange production
  • Shipment completed

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